To setup your Dashboard, you need to create an account. This means everything will be saved, and be ready to use wherever your are.

Sign Up

On the welcome page, if you have already an account, click on the “Log in” button (1).
If you want to register, click on “Sign Up” button (2), on the top right.

Register on

  • Email address: this email will be used to confirm your registration, reset your password (in case you forget it) and to log in to Netvibes (3).
  • Password: hold the click on the eye icon to display the password entered to avoid making mistakes (4).
  • Captcha: to avoid spam (5).
  • Tick the box to agree to the Terms of service (6).
  • Tick the box to subscribe to our Newsletter (7). Click on the link to see an example of our newsletter.

Validate your sign up by clicking on the “Sign up” button (8).

If you want to sign up using your Social Network accounts, click on the web service of your choice to launch the process (9).
If you have already a Netvibes account, click on the “Log in” link (10) to come back to the Log in form.

Social Networks Connect

Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect and Google + Connect are services that allows people to log in to their favorite sites using their Facebook/Twitter/Google+ username and password. Once you have connected your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ profile to Netvibes, you’ll be able to log in to Netvibes via Facebook/Twitter/Google+. That means you won’t need to enter a separate password for Netvibes.
No new password to remember!

If you already have a Netvibes account and wish to connect it to Facebook/Twitter/Google+, simply go to your Account Settings and choose the Social Network you want.

Once you sign in to Netvibes with Facebook/Twitter/Google+, a connection is maintained between the Social Network chosen and Netvibes, even when you sign out of Netvibes and back in.
If you would like to permanently disconnect your Netvibes and the Social Network accounts, go to your Account Settings and choose “Disable XXX Connect”.


What is a Dashboard?

Dashboard is the name of a standard page in Netvibes. It's a dynamic workspace where you can add Apps.
One single account can have multiple private Dashboards but is restricted to one public Dashboard.
A Dashboard can be displayed in App view or in Reader view

Private Dashboard

Create a Dashboard

Once you create your account, you will have to create your first dashboard.
The Dashboard Wizard allows you to create a populated Dashboard based on the thema and language of your choice. There are currently five languages available (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese). You can choose any keyword you like or pick up one of the popular Dashboards.

You can create as many dashboards as you want. To create a new one, simply click on “Dashboards” on the topbar, and select “New…”.

App View

The App View is one of the two views available in Netvibes, the other one being the Reader View.
The App View displays the information using Apps, sorted by tabs.


Create a tab
To create a new tab, simply click on the “+” sign at the right of the tab bar (1). And change directly the tabname (2).

Tab settings

A click on the arrow (3) next to the tabname will display the tab settings.

Settings let you:

  • Set an icon: you can choose one from our selection or you can add directly your own (URL) (4).
  • Change the title (5).
  • Share : send it via email or web services, or publish it on another dashboard (6).
  • Duplicate: duplicate the tab with its entire content (7).
  • Delete (8).
  • Tab layout: you have the possibility to display the apps in 1/2/3/4 columns (9), with different layouts (10).

To close the settings panel, simply click on the cross (11) on the top right of the panel.

You can also manually change the column width: place your mouse between two columns. You'll see a vertical separator appear, and your mouse pointer will become a double headed horizontal arrow. Click and drag to adjust the width as you see fit.

Tabs navigator

Your Netvibes dashboard displays all tabs on a single scrollable bar. When you have more tabs than the width of your screen allows, you will see two arrows at both ends of the bar. To scroll, you can:

  • Click on the left (5) or right (6) arrow to scroll in the desired direction (click once to scroll tab by tab, double click to scroll an entire section).
  • Hover your mouse pointer on the Tab Bar and use your mouse wheel to scroll forward or backward.
  • Click on the drop-down menu (7) (the arrow pointing downward at the right of the bar) and click to navigated to the desired tab.


To add an App you have 3 choices:

  • Click on the core of the app. It will display a preview panel. Click on the Add to my page button to add it (8).
  • Click on the + on the top left corner of the app. It will add directly the app on your current tab (9).
  • Drag and drop the app to the exact place on the dashboard (on the current tab or on a different one) (9).

There are different types of Apps:

  • RSS feed app
  • Multiple feeds app
  • UWA (Universal Web App)

An app has always the same structure: header and content.
The header has the same look for each type of widget, at first look you'll find:

  • Unread counter: displays the number of unread articles, click to mark all as read. Only available for RSS feed and multiple feeds apps (1).
  • App title: click to open the web site if this is a RSS feed App (2)
  • Analyze: allows you to analyze the content of this feed. This feature is available for Premium users (3)
  • Edit: slides down a menu. Parameters depends of the App (4)
  • Delete: deletes the App (after a confirmation) (5)

When you mouse over the favicon of an App, it will reveal the Minimize arrow (6). Click on it will minimize the app and reduce it to the title bar. Click again to restore.

Settings menu

  • Settings: this menu depends on the App (1)
  • Display: lets change the color of the App header (2)
  • Share: lets share the App. Send it via email or web services, or publish it on another dashboard(3)
  • Refresh: force the refresh of the App content (4)
  • Duplicate: duplicates the App with the exact same parameters (5)
  • Potion: lets create a potion based on this feed (6)

Each app can be placed where you want: drag it by its title bar to move it. You can also move an app to another tab. Just drag it to the tab name you want. The tab itself will be highlighted by a dotted line. Drop the app and voila! It is now available in that specific tab.

Read an article

When you click on an article of a RSS feed or a multiplefeeds App, it will open the Feedreader.

It allows you to read the whole entry in a new window, and manage many things:

  • Open the feed's website outside Netvibes. (1)
  • The number next to the feed title tells you how many items are unread. Click it to mark all as read. (2)
  • Maximize/Minimize: will maximize/minimize the feedreader size, hiding Dashboard header or not. (3)
  • Read / Unread: will mark items as read or unread. (4)
  • Select the next item of this feed (5)
  • Select the previous item of this feed (6)
  • Close the feedreader and allow you to go back to the App view. (7)

On each item, you can:

  • Mark the item as read/unread. (8)
  • Save the item. (9)
  • Share the item via different web services. (10)
  • Close the current item. The items list is displayed. (11)
  • Show the website view. It will open the website in an iframe. You can revert the process by clicking on the RSS view link. (12)

You can also hide the left panel: click on it to close/open it. (13)

Reader View

The Reader View is one of the two available views in Netvibes, the other one being the App View.

It is the typical way to consume RSS feeds and it allows you to have a quick overview of all your feeds.

In Reader View, the screen is divided in three main parts:

  • A: Tabs panel
  • B: Header options
  • C: Content

Tabs panel

Dashboard name (1)
The name of your dashboard is displayed (you can have several dashboards, to create a new one, click here.
You can edit the dashboard name by doubleclicking on it. Validate changes by hitting the enter key.

Arrow to collapse menu (2)
The menu (All feeds, Slow, Saved and Recently read) is expanded by default. With this arrow, you can collapse the menu to give more space to your tabs listing.
When the menu is collapsed, simpleclick on the dashboard name will display all the items of your dashboard.

Menu (3)
This menu regroup 4 specific tabs.
- All feeds: list all articles from all your feeds. Items are ordered by publication date.
- Slow: list all articles from less frequently updated feeds. A feed is considered slow when it publishes less than 5 articles in a month.
- Saved: list all the items you have saved
- Recently read: list all the items you have read. We list all the last 500 items

Tabs listing (4)
Here is the list of all your tabs.
You can expand/collapse each by clicking on the left arrow.
For each tab,
- a counter is displayed on the right, if there are unread items.
- feeds are displayed on the top, and if you have other apps, there are displayed under the sub menu “APP”.
- a click on the right of each app lets add the current app inside the "Livebar".

Add a tab (5)
To create a new tab, click on this button.
On the new panel displayed, you can choose a favicon and enter a title. You can also populate this new tab with a specific topic.

You can also have the possibility to automatically populate this new tab with apps from a specific subject.
Note that if you choose this option, the favicon and the tab title you have already entered will not be kept.

Header options

Here are the principal options:
- Open/Close the tab panel (1)
- Tooltip to explain specific tabs (2)
- Previous/next articles (3)
- Change the view (4)
- Mark as read/unread (5)
- Refresh the content (6)
- Open/close the livebar panel (7)

Specific options for tab:
- Tab settings (8)

Specific options for feed:
- Feed settings (9)

Specific options for app:
- App settings (10)
- Pin the app on the Livebar(11)
- Share the app (12)
- Delete the app (13)


The reader offers three different views: List, Expanded and Mosaic.

List view

It is the most compact view.

Expanded view

It is the most detailed view.
All items are entirely displayed. The item focused is displayed with a green line on the left side.

Mosaic view

This view displays a series of thumbnails with the main picture from the original post (when available). This is an ideal view for image focused content. Click on the image to display the content of the item.

The items are ordered by date, the newest at the top, and grouped by time:
- “Today”
- “Yesterday”
- “More than 3 days ago”
- “Doc, are you telling me you built a time machine?”, for the articles that have a publishing date in the future .

New items arrive automatically, no need to refresh your page.

When you are reading an article and new items have arrived, you will be noticed by a message
The message will disappear after few seconds, but you can force the removal by clicking on the cross on the right of the message.

Item content

When reading an item, you can at anytime mark is as unread (1), save it (2), or share it (3).
If the content of the feed is truncate, you can click on the title (4) to open the article in a new browser window, or you can click on “web site view” (5) to see the article from the website inside an iframe.
Quickly share article via web services pre-selected (6).

Click on “reader view” (7) link to come back to the feed item.


The Livebar is an active sidebar that lets you run your favorite apps side-by-side with the Reader.
You can instantly pull up your work tools for quick tasks without interrupting your concentrated reading experience.

Public Dashboards

What is a public Dashboard?

A public Dashboard is viewable to the world at large. Once you have finished your registration, you will first land on a private Dashboard. At the top left is the Dashboard menu where you can access your Dashboards, wether private or public.
Your public Dashboard is deactivated by default.

Activate your public Dashboard for:

  • Online Profiles
  • Instant Messaging badges
  • Photos and videos
  • Cool Public Apps
  • Showcase your Apps in a branded environment on Netvibes with a Netvibes Premium Dashboard
  • Control the design experience: arrange your Public Dashboard using drag & drop
  • Easily add Apps and other content from the Ecosystem
  • Users can browse your selection and pick the Apps they want for their page

Public Dashboard has the same functions than a private one.

Activate your public Dashboard

Click on the Dashboards menu at the top left of your private Dashboard. Select “Activate my public page” (1). You are redirected to the account management page.

Select enable for the Your public page setting (2). You can choose the account type (3), enter a description (4), a category (5) and keywords (6) (like tags). Validate by pressing Save changes button (7).

URL of your public Dashboard will be
It will be accessible to you in the Dashboard menu, like the private ones.

You can then add content on your public Dashboard, it works exactly like the private ones. Please note that you can only have one public Dashboard per account.

You can of course deactivate your public Dashboard by selecting disable in the settings. The Dashboard itself is left untouched when deactivated.


What is an App?

An app is a small application that you can use on your Dashboard to get specific information or functionality. There are over 200,000 apps available for Netvibes at the moment, covering every use and every subject: sport, movies, technology, gossip, cooking, showbiz, books, cars, local news, politics, science, non-profit, calculator, post-it, stock quotes, translation, calendar, public transportation, traffic info, urban guide, video search, photo album, gaming news, shopping, music player, flash game… The list goes on.

Each app can have its own set of features.

Create new Apps

Click the Add button (1) :

  • Reading App: lets you create a reading app via a RSS feed or a website URL. (2)

You can also import an OPML file to create reading apps from all the RSS feeds inside. The process can be reverted and you can also export all your feed Apps as OPML to use them in another reader.

  • MisoData App: lets you import data file on your dashboard. Available for Premium users. (3)
  • Analytics App: lets you analyze the content on your dashboard. Available for Premium users. (4)
  • Potion App: lets you program actions between anything on your dashboard. (5)

Search for existing Apps

Go directly to the Apps menu:

  • Essential Apps: you will find the apps used by most of our users. (6)
  • Other Apps: apps are sorted by category. You can also sort them by country, popularity, date and type. (7)


Dashboard of Things enables you to program automatic interactions between anything on your Dashboard by creating a Potion app.
You can choose from pre-made Potions (shared by Netvibes), or you can create a new Potion from scratch by selecting the ingredients: e.g., If A or B triggers happen, then do X and Y actions; otherwise do Z.

Create a Potion

Click on the Add button (1) and select the Potion App (2).
You will have to choose between adding a preset Potion or creating your own one.

From scratch

Select the menu Create from scratch. (3)


A list of all trigger ingredients available is displayed.

Ingredients in green color are all the Netvibes ones, specifically based on your Dashboard.
Select any ingredient to configure it (4).

The ingredient is then displayed in the When left column, and you are now able to select one specific trigger from this ingredient.

Triggers depend on ingredient. Each ingredient has specific triggers, and each trigger has specific contents to configure. And some triggers are only available for Premium users.
Once you have chosen the trigger and configure it, click on the Save button to validate.

You are now able to add other triggers.
If you have several triggers you can use logic filters between them: all or any.
If all is selected it means that if all conditions are triggered the potion is triggered.
If any is selected, it means that if only one condition of the list is triggered, the potion is triggered.


A list of all action ingredients available is displayed.

Select ingredient that will be the potion’s action when the triggers are fired. (4)

Actions depend on ingredient. Each ingredient has specific actions, and each action has specific contents to configure. And some triggers are only available for Premium users.
Once you have chosen the trigger and configure it, click on the Save button to validate.

From our preset Potions list

Choose one potion from the preset or the highlighted potions list. Mouseover the Potion block to display its description.

Manage your Potions

Check logs

Edit a potion

Delete a potion


In Netvibes, you can share articles, apps, and even full tabs. But the best part is that you have +20 ways to share.

Web services you want to share on

First, you have to select the services you want to share on.
Go to the account pages (Dashboards > Manage… > Third party / Share).
On this page, you will be able to select all the web services you want (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, etc) (1) and also add unlisted web services if you don't find it (3).
You can also choose to redirect the share link directly to the article or on the Netvibes share landing page (2)

Add unlisted web services

Click on the Add a custom link button (4) Find the URL to share something to your service (from a Share button or bookmarklet) and simply replace the title and URL with {title} and {url} You can add the URL of the favicon if you have it.

Once it is added, the new web services will appear in the list below

Do not forget to validate all your changes by clicking on the Save changes button (5).

Share an article

On apps or reader view, click on an article you want to share and then click on the share button (1)

The Share panel will appears with the web services you have selected

  • Click directly on the web service to share on (2), you will be redirected to their share page
  • Click on the email icon, to send an email (3)
  • Click on the Share settings if you want to add more web services (4)

To close the panel, click on the “Cancel” button (5) or on the Cross icon (6)

If you have choose to send the article by email, a form will appear.

  • Enter the email address of your recipient (you have enter several email addresses, just separated them with a comma) (7).
  • Edit the message (8)
  • Click on the Share button to send the email (9)


On the account pages you will be able to edit your profile, subscribe to VIP or Premium program, manage your dashboards, and many more features. To access to these pages, click on the Profile menu on the topbar and select “Account”

Edit your account info

This screen allows you to edit your account information: your full name (1), username (2), gender (3), birthdate (4) , zip code (5), city (6), country of residence (7), and your time zone (8).

Changing your username will also change the name of your public page, thus the URL linking to it.

If you wish to keep your age private, simply tick the box next to your birthdate.

Once all your details have been updated, simply press the Save Changes button (9).

Change your profile image

This screen allows you to change your profile picture. Click on the browse button (1), choose the picture you wish to use from your hard drive, then press upload (2) to attach it to your profile.

If you wish to delete your profile picture, simply press the delete button.

Email settings

On this page, you'll be able to change the email address linked to your account. Just type in your new email address (1) and click the Save changes button (2) to commit.
A confirmation email will be sent to your new address.

You can also setup your email notifications (3).

  • New Netvibes features/events: to receive announcements about new features or events related to Netvibes, tick the box.
  • This is also here that you will be able to manage your subscriptions to newsletters generated by Premium Dashboards.

Click the Save changes button (4) to commit.

Change password

Here you can change your password. To do so, simply enter your old password (1), type in your new password twice (2/3) and press Save changes (4).
Please note that your password must be at least six characters long.

Delete account

If you wish to permanently delete your Netvibes account, you can do so on this page. Simply enter your password (1), select a reason for unsubscribing (2) and click on Delete my account (3).

Your account will be directly deleted.

Netvibes VIP

If you want extra awesome, become a VIP! This page lists all VIP features and lets you subscribe to this program.

Netvibes Premium

And If you have professional needs, become a Premium! This page lists all Premium features and lets you subscribe to this program.

Manage Dashboards

This page allows you to manage your Dashboards.

At the top of the screen, you can create a new one either from scratch or with our dashboard wizard (1).

  • Reorder list: allows you to change the order of your dashboards (2).
  • Rearrange tabs: allows you to rearrange the tabs inside your dashboards. If you wish to copy a tab (instead of moving it), hold down the ALT key while dragging & dropping (3).

If you wish to delete a specific Dashboard, simply click on the Delete button on the right. You can also choose which dashboard you want to enable as public dashboard.

Do not forget to validate your changes by clicking the button Save changes (6).

Backup your data

This screen allows you to backup your feeds on your hard drive, inside an OPML file.
Select the dashboard (1) you want to export and then click the Export button (2).

Do some spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a place where you can gather important info about all the feeds on your dashboards.

It’s divided into 5 sections. Each section follows the same workflow:

  • Select the dashboard you want to analyze (1)
  • Check the sources you want to delete (one by one or All (2) )
  • Click the “Delete” button (3).

Quiet sources

List all the feeds that haven’t been updated in a while

Talkative sources

List all the feeds that are updated a lot

Not responding

List all the feeds that return an error


List all the feeds that appear at least twice on your dashboard

All sources

List all the feeds on your dashboard

All tracked topics

List all the Tracked Topic apps on your dashboard (only available for Premium dashboards)

Third Party Services

  • Services: if you wish to link your Netvibes account with other web services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
  • Share: select all the web services you want to share on.
  • QuickShare: select services you want to be quickly accessible from the article view.


On the top right, near the “Dashboards” button, there is the “Settings” button. Clicking on it will open a panel which allows you to set various options.


Here you can configure basic display options for the apps view:

  • Display page title: will show or hide the page title. Hide it to save space on your page.
  • Enable keyboard navigation: enables the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Display search: displays the Google search box and lets you choose where to display the results (in a new tab for each new search or reusing the same one).
  • Article display: adjusts the spacing by activating the Compact Mode, and for larger screens, allows you to change the article maximum width (default or 50/75/100%).

Scroll the panel to check all the settings.
Do not forget to validate changes by clicking on the Done button at the bottom right of the panel.

Please note that the Reader view offers a slightly shorter list of options:

Local Content

Allows you to set your location by country. It will change the apps offered by default.
Click on the map to select the continent (1), and then choose your country (2).

Do not forget to validate your changes by clicking on the Done button at the bottom right of the panel.


Lets you choose the language for the dashboard interface (1). It will show you the status of the translation of the language you choose (2). Around 48 languages are available, some still in beta stage. For anything related to translations, check Translators.

Do not forget to validate changes by clicking on the Done button at the bottom right of the panel.


In this section of the settings, you will find all the tools to customize the look of your Dashboard (available for the app view only).

New Theme

You can create a new theme by entering directly a picture URL. Or if you want to use our search engine to find pictures, enter any keyword. (1)
If you have entered a keyword, select one picture from the results. (2)
You will be now able to select a header template between 6. Note that the first one, will display the picture without any template. (3)
Select the main color of your theme (4) and click on Done to validate.


Here you can personalize your current theme :

Header (1)

Define the look of the header of your page (where the title is).
You can add a picture with its public URL and you can choose a background and text color.

  • Click on the color box to define colors you want. Default will use the wallpaper of the theme selected. Transparent will render that area transparent.
  • Header Height: lets you choose the space occupied by the header
  • Display mode: lets you choose how the image will be displayed (tile or centered, aligned with top / middle or bottom).

Bottom (2)

Define the look of the “bottom” of the page. In fact it's the main part of the page, starting just under tabs.
You can add a picture with its public URL and you can choose a background and text color.

  • Click on the color box to define the colors you want.
  • Display mode: let you choose how the image will be displayed (tile or centered, or fixed wallpaper - the page will scroll but the image will not move).

Lets you define the look of your dashboard from a set of predefined templates.

  • Search: you can search templates by names / tags / colors (1)
  • Colors: each block will sort themes by the corresponding dominant color (2)
  • The drop-down menu allows you to sort themes by category (All themes, Official, Animals, Art, Cars, Computer, Film, Food, Landscape, Literature, Music, Places, Plants, Sports, Textures, Transport, Universe, Video game) (3)


Keyboard shortcuts allow you to work faster by using your keyboard. Here is a list of available shortcuts. Note that they will change depending where you are on the site. You can press h to list them when you are on

Apps view shortcuts

Shortcut key Definition Action
H Show contextual help Display the list of available keyboard shortcuts for the current context
Up,Down,Left,Right Navigate through apps Moves the focus from one app to another
Enter Perform app action Perform an action on an app: open feed reader for RSS, start editing for a webnote, etc.
E Edit app Open the edit panel for the current app
R Refresh app Refresh the current app
D Delete app Remove the app from your page
Esc Remove focus Remove focus from current app
1,2,…,0 Go to tab 1 to 10 Switch quickly to the tab you want
J,K Navigate through tabs Switch to the previous/next tab
S Settings pannel Open the settings panel
T then H Tab help Open the Tab help panel
A Add content Open the content panel that allows you to add new content to your Netvibes page

Advanced module shortcuts

Shortcut key Definition Action
Shift-Up,Down,Left,Right Move app around Moves the current app around
Shift-T Move to top Move the current app to top
Shift-B Move to bottom Move the current app to bottom
Shift-A Mark all item as read Only for RSS apps
Shift-U Mark all item as unread Only for RSS apps
Shift-D Duplicate this app Make an exact clone of the selected app
Shift-C Collapse/Expand Collapse/Expand the selected app

Tabs shortcuts

Shortcut key Definition Action
T then N New tab Append a new tab to your tabs
T then D Delete tab Deletes the current tab, modules will be moved to another tab (hold shift/alt to delete modules too)
T then R Rename tab Renames the current tab
T then P Publish tab Submit this tab to the Netvibes ecosystem
T then 1,2,3,4 Change column number Sets the number of columns to 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the current tab
T then O Tab options Opens current tab options

Content panel

Shortcut key Definition Action
H Show contextual help Displays the list of available keyboard shortcuts for the content panel
A Add new feed Opens the content subscription popup
E netvibes ecosystem Go to the netvibes ecosystem
Esc Escape Close the content panel

Feed reader shortcuts

Shortcut key Definition Action
H Show contextual help Display the list of available keyboard shortcuts for the feed reader
P Previous Read previous item
N Next Read next item
Up Previous Scroll in content and read previous item
Down Next Scroll in content and read next item
Space Next unread item Scroll in content and read next unread item
A All read Mark all items as read
U Unread Mark the selected item as unread
Shift-U Unread all Mark all items as unread
Esc Close the feedreader Close the feedreader window and go back to your Netvibes page.
I Show website Display the full website into the feed reader
F Reader size Switch reader size

Reader view shortcuts

Shortcut key Definition Action
J,K Navigate through item Previous/Next item
Up Previous Previous item with smooth scroll in item
Down Next Previous item with smooth scroll in item
Space Next unread item Scroll in content and read next unread item
L-Right Show website Open item link in new windows
W,F Switch feedview Switch to website/rss view
A All read Marks all current item as read
Shift-A All unread Marks all current item as unread
U Read/Unread Marks current item as read/unread
R Flag/Unflag Flag/unflag current item to read it later
1,2,3 Switch view List/Expanded/Mosaic view
S Sidebar Toggle sidebar
Shift-Up/Down Sections Navigate through the sections and feeds
Shift-Right Sections Expand the focused section if collapsed or load it
Shift-Left Sections Collapse the focused section
Enter-Shift-O Sections Load the focused feed or section

Mobile Version

The mobile version is accessible via

It is available only for users who have a registered account on Netvibes. It's no possible to create an account from within. If you do not have an account, or if you have a dashboard but never saved it, you first need to go to through a regular browser and register yourself, then you will gain access to the mobile version.

The first screen after login will present you a view of your first dashboard (here the name of the dashboard is “My dashboard”).

But you can select another dashboard by clicking on the left arrow next to your Dashboard name, and you will see the list of all your dashboards. Just select the one you want to displayed (see below).

Back on the dashboard selected, you can see the list of all your tabs and access directly to the tab you want, or you can see all the news at once by clicking All feeds (see below).

All feeds will present you all the new items (day by day), from all the feeds you subscribed to. Just click a title to read the article. The items already flagged as read are grayed (3).

  • To mark all the articles as read, just click on the button (2).
  • You can go back to the tabs list by clicking on the Tabs button on the top left (1).

When you choose a specific tab, you can browse each feed individually by clicking on the name (5), or see items from all feeds of this tab by choosing All Feeds (4) (see below).

The view of a specific feed will give you the same options as on the All Feed view (see below):

  • To mark everything as read (just on the feed you are reading), just click on the button (6).
  • You can go back to the tab by clicking on the Back button on the top left (7).

Clicking on an article will open the reader view (see below).

  • You can share this item via web services or by email (11).
  • You can save this article (12). It will be displayed in the “Saved” section.
  • The arrows on the topbar provide a quick and simple way to navigate through the items of this feed, if you want to read all of them (9).
  • You can go back to the feed by clicking on the left arrow (10).
  • You can easily access to the other feeds of this tab by clicking here (8)

At any time (on the Dashboards list, Tabs list, and Tab screens), you can:

  • display the settings of your dashboard by clicking on the settings button (13)
  • log out by selecting the button (14)

On the settings screen, you can choose to display only unread items.

And you can choose to sync items for offline reading:

  • Check Apps to download to your device only apps
  • Check Saved to download to your device only items flagged as Saved
  • Check Feeds to download to your device all the items from your feed, so you can read them offline.

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