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Creating your Open Corpus

The Open Corpus allows you to stay in control of your data sources.
This tutorial will show you how to curate the sources that are relevant to your brand.

Before starting the tutorial, log into your account at netvibes.com

1. Add sources quickly

Many sources can be added simply by entering the website address, Netvibes will do the rest.

We're going to track Hype Beast, a fashion blog.

Click on the “Add” button (1), then select “Feeds” menu (2) and enter the URL of the web site you want to track (3).
Hit the “Enter” key to validate.
If there are some feeds available you will see appear under the URL.

Drag and drop the feed icon to your dashboard (4).

Repeat for all of the blogs, news sources, social network profiles you wish to monitor.

Note: If Netvibes doesn't find the feed for your source, use the method in section 2.

2. Focus your sources

Go directly to the source website to focus your feed to the correct section of the site.
It's particularly beneficial to target your feed to the relevant section for news sources that cover many topics.
We're going to monitor the Footwear section of Women's Wear Daily.

On the site you wish to add, click on the link for the RSS page.
If you don't see an RSS feed link, look for an RSS icon.

Find the section you wish to monitor and click the RSS feed link.

Copy the URL of the RSS feed from your browser's URL bar.
Repeat the steps in section 1 using the URL you copied.

Remember: don't restrict too much! Adding multiple sections from the same site is recommended.

3. Add search content

Your brand can be mentioned anywhere on the web.
Add search sources to monitor with a wide reaching scope.

Click on the “Add” button (1). On the “Essentials” section (2), search for the “News Search” app (3).

and add it to your dashboard (3).

Enter the keyword you want to track. We are searching for “nike running” here in this example.
The app will search for this keyword by default on Google News, Bing News, Yahoo! News and Exalead News.
You don't need to update this app, it will automatically display new items.

You can now do the same thing with other Search apps like Social Search, Blog Search, Image Search…
All items from these apps can be analyzed by our Analytics apps.

You should now be well on your way to creating a targeted, relevant Open Corpus.