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User documentation

What is Netvibes?

Founded in 2005, Netvibes pioneered the first personalized dashboard publishing platform for the Web.

For consumers, Netvibes.com is the most awarded startpage where millions of people around the world personalize and publish all aspects of their daily digital lives.
For agencies and publishers, Netvibes Universal Widget technology (UWA), app distribution services and Premium Dashboards help rapidly deliver brand observation rooms and user-personalized marketing campaigns.
For companies, Netvibes Enterprise delivers secure, scalable personalized workspaces, portals and industry dashboards.

Today, Netvibes powers personalization for more than 1000+ of the world's leading brands, interactive agencies, government organizations, non-profits and enterprises – serving half a billion widgets every month. Netvibes has offices in Paris, London and San Francisco.

What we do?

We Dashboard Everything

Monitor everything about a topic inside and outside an organization: content, report, conversations, trends… all in one place, always up-to-date.

We believe Dashboard Intelligence is the future of Business Intelligence

With the Social web, Dashboards are no longer passive tools. Now, you can Listen to everything, Learn from everyone and Act in Real Time.

We offer 4 products

Netvibes.com for everyone to get the basics of how Netvibes works

Netvibes VIP for the dashboard enthusiasts.

Netvibes Premium featuring Dashboard Intelligence

Netvibes Premium for teams featuring Dashboard Intelligence

Important Note

The word “Widget” will soon be replaced by the term “App”. In that respect, the documentation will from now on refer to Widgets as Apps.